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Prusa Mini Extruder Driven...

This is Extruder Driven Gear (Filament Spur) replacement part for the Original Prusa MINI/+. This is the driven/idler gear pushing the filament inside the extruder assembly.

Price $10.95

v6 Brass Nozzle...

High Quality, Polished brass v6 style nozzles

Optimal thermal properties for everyday printing

Smooth layers for standard non-abrasive applications

Rated to a max temperature of 300°C

Price $7.95

PEI-Ultem Sheet

PEI-Ultem sheet (MK2/S, MK2.5/S, MK3/S/+, MINI/+)

This product is the replacement PEI-Ultem sheet. 


Price $25.95
Prusa Thumb Screw M4x8
  • Out of Stock.

Prusa Thumb Screw M4x8

This product is a replacement screw for the Nextruder compatible with: 

Thumb screw is used to hold the Prusa Nozzle inside the heatsink. For the Nextruder two thumb screws are required.


Price $4.95

v6 Plated Copper Heat Block

A very high-quality Plated Copper Heat Block. Resistant to high temperatures, not easily deformed, and has excellent heat transfer capability making it ideal for high temperature printing.

Price $24.95