Updated: June 26, 2023
NOTE: ShapeNerd reserves the right to modify, change, and update this policy at any time without notice.


This policy applies to all normally stocked goods available via our online portal ONLY.

Special order items such as 3D prints, custom filament, etc. are non-refundable. Special order items may include items not listed on ShapeNerd’s website or that are listed ShapeNerd’s website and indicate special order only.

All shipping costs are non-refundable including orders shipped under free shipping promotions.

All items purchased via Purchase Order are non-refundable.

ShapeNerd does not accept returns of any products sold by other vendors including but limited to any online retailer (Amazon, eBay, etc.), printers purchased directly from the manufacturer, or any other retailer.

Under NO circumstances will any damage caused as a result of, including but not limited to: user error, misuse, print settings, printer profile, bad material, firmware modification, mechanical damage, production loss or downtime, be warrantied by ShapeNerd or manufacturer’s warranty.

Change of Mind

We do not provide refunds for any product or service if you simply change your mind. If the product/order has not yet been collected or dispatched, ShapeNerd may chose to replace/swap at its discretion.

Wrong Product Provided

From time to time our cyborg chips can experience a glitch and we make a mistake. If we’ve made a mistake, please contact us via Email, Phone or in Person and we will rectify the problem as soon as possible. If the goods were shipped, ShapeNerd will ship the goods out using the same method that was selected at the time of purchase.

The shipping costs for the return of the incorrectly sent goods and the replacement will be covered by ShapeNerd. We may ask for you to return the goods using the a provided return satchel/label.

Defective Products

Defective products may be returned to ShapeNerd for a refund or replacement. The costs of returning the defective products to ShapeNerd is the responsibility of the customer. ShapeNerd tests and validates all returned products as part of our Continuous Quality Improvement program. This is also required for ShapeNerd to launch a warranty claim to the manufacturer. Tests may include printing small test prints which will consume some of the material returned.

Any product found to be defective due to misuse will NOT be refunded and the costs of returning the product to the customer is the responsibility of the customer.

Any product found to be defective by ShapeNerd will be refunded in full or replaced.

Clearance Products

Products marked as “Clearance” are non-refundable, except in the case where the product is defective.

Technical Support

We do not provide technical support for printers and/or printing problems.