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Supplying 3D Printing Filament & Resin, 3D Printing Parts and 3D Printing Accessories to WA.
If you have any questions, kindly send them to info@shapeshop.com.au and we'll answer you as soon as possible.
All our products that are "In Stock" on our website are physically In-Stock in Perth and ready to ship!

Stock Update
Large shipment ARRIVED; PLA+ Colours, TPU Colours, BULK 3KG PLA+ Spools! (Blacks and Whites), PVA+, eSTARS, ABS+ and ABS-MAX, PETG Translucent colours and more!
Second Shipment (PLA+ Blacks and Whites 1KG) hopefully available 1/11/21.

Thank you to all of our customers, near and far, for your continued support! Without you and your word of mouth referrals we simply wouldn't survive. In coming weeks, we will be offering some special deals, discounts and new products! It's going to be an exciting finish to 2021!

Stay Safe, and most importantly... Stay Rad!
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