PT100 Temperature sensor Kit
  • PT100 Temperature sensor Kit

PT100 Temperature sensor Kit

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A PT100 Sensor Kit with amplifier.

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PT100's are high temperature, high accuracy temperature sensors that you can use instead of a thermistor or thermocouple. PT100's are able to measure higher temperatures than thermistors (up to 400C) and are more accurate than thermistors and thermocouples in general. If you want experiment with printing with printing high temperature materials or get more accurate temperature readings then a PT100 is an ideal option.

This is a kit that provides everything you need to get up and running with a PT100 sensor on most machines. It requires a controller board that is running Marlin or Repetier with a spare analog input pin.

Please be aware that a PT100 is not the same as a thermistor and unless your electronics explicitly supports RTD Sensing devices you will need an amplifier board.


  • The PT100 board needs the 0v and 5v pins connected to a power source; the current requirements are minimal.
  • The Signal output needs to be connected to a spare analogue input pin on your electronics controller board that doesn't have a pull-up resistor in-line. Look at your boards circuit diagram and find a pin that is currently unused that begins with a capital "A". These are typically found on expansion or auxiliary headers labelled AUX or EXP.
  • You need to tell marlin what pin you've connected your PT100 signal to;
    - Edit the "pins.h" file and locate TEMP_0_PIN and set this to the pin you found earlier.
    - Change your "TEMP_SENSOR_0" value to "20" in your "Configuration.h" file.
  • Compile and upload to your Controller
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