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Prusament PETG Carbon Fibre Black 1.75mm 1kg
  • Prusament PETG Carbon Fibre Black 1.75mm 1kg

Prusament PETG Carbon Fibre Black 1.75mm 1kg

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Prusament PETG Carbon Fibre is an in-house-made filament at Prusa Research, reinforced with carbon fibre, improving some of its mechanical properties whilst still maintaining an attractive look.  Compared to regular PETG the material has better dimensional stability, temperature resistance, higher modulus of elasticity and is less prone to stringing.  

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At Prusa Research The whole manufacturing process is closely monitored and tested - guarantee ±0.02mm precision and highly consistent colors.  You can inspect the parameters of every spool made at prusament.com. 

Printing Setup

Nozzle 265c +/- 10c

Heatbed 90c +/- 10c

This PETG is made in-house by Prusa Research.

1.75mm filament is manufactured with precision of +-0.02mm

Before printing, make sure the surface of heatbed is clean

The recommended maximum temperatures for drying Prusament PETG are 60c for 4-8 hours


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