MK8 Brass Nozzle (M6 thread)
  • MK8 Brass Nozzle (M6 thread)

MK8 Brass Nozzle (M6 thread)

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High Quality, Polished brass MK8 style nozzle 

Optimal thermal properties for everyday printing

Smooth layers for standard non-abrasive applications

Rated to a max temperature of 300°C

Nozzle Diameter
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High Quality, Polished brass MK8 nozzle for 1.75mm Filament.  Brass nozzles, have optimal thermal properties for everyday printing, providing smooth layers for standard non-abrasive applications. Rated to a max temperature of 300°C.
M6 Thread.
5mm thread to flange length.
13mm overall length.

Compatible with CR-10 Heat Block
Compatible with CR-10 Hotend

Compatible with:

Ender-3 Series Printers
Ender-5 Series Printers - Not S1

CR-10 Series Printers - Not CR10S Pro or Max (MK8 Pro Nozzle)
Sovol Series Printers

May be compatible with other printers using similar hot-ends as Creality.
May be compatible with some Flashforge printers and others using a M6 thread.

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