Touch Sensor adapter board for Creality

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A easy to use board that allows you to easily add a Touch style Bed leveling sensor without splicing wires.

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This 27 pin adapter allows you to install a Touch leveling sensor on your Creality (and possibly others) 3D Printer without having to hack/cut/solder/splice any of your LCD Cables.

Simply Unplug your LCD Cable, Plug the female connector into the LCD Socket on the motherboard and then plug the LCD Cable back into the adapter board. The Adapter board will gives you a servo style connector for use with your Touch Sensor.

* This board does not eliminate the need to re-flash/program your motherboard's firmware.
* As a result of using this board, the
* Ensure your sensors cable pins line up with the markings on the adapter. Brown=Ground/GND, Red=+5V/VCC and Yellow=Signal/SIG

* Known to be COMPATABLE with; Ender-3, Ender-3 Pro, Ender-5, CR10 and CR10 mini.
* Known to be INCOMPATIBLE with; CR-8, Anet A8, Ender-2 and Ender-4.

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